Cheat Sheet 3/7: Peter Molyneaux leaving Lionhead, Sony’s SDK, and SimCity in 2013

Holy crap it is gorgeous out there! Let’s catch up on some news and head back outside! 

– Peter Molyneaux, the man behind the Fable series, has left Lionhead, becoming creative director at the new company 22 Cans.

– Sony announced that the PlayStation Suite software development kit (SDK) will be available later this year with a beta coming in April.

– A new SimCity game has been confirmed for next year, EA has released a shiny new trailer along with a few details about the game.

– Indie darling Fez has released a new, longer trailer.

– Mass Effect 3 is experiencing a couple glitches and setbacks, but it seems like everyone’s pretty much euphoric that it’s out anyway.

In another one of those “stranger than fiction” moments, the leader of Lulzsec, the pervasive subsection of Anonymous, may have actually been working for the FBI for the past several months. So that’s pretty crazy. But for now, let’s just enjoy the weather.