Cheat Sheet 4/12: Sony cuts thousands of jobs, BioWare’s false advertising, and screenshots from Notch’s next game

Here’s today’s mainstream news:

– Sony president Kaz Hirai has confirmed the company cut 10,000 jobs to cope with losses. They’ve also teased what seems like a new God of War game.

– The Better Business Bureau has decided that BioWare falsely advertised Mass Effect 3

– The first few screens from Notch’s next game, 0x10c, have been released.

– A few changes have already been made to Starcaft 2: Heart of the Swarm‘s multiplayer, including cutting the Terran Shredder and Protoss Replicant.

– For all the dragonslayers out there, Skyrim is getting kinect voice support.

That’s it for today!