Wii U hits the road, a pasta-maker in Virtual Boy, and the New Yorker weighs guns on-screen

Kill Screen sends thoughts and wishes to all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. 

A bit of levity to soothe your frayed nerves: A new Virtual Boy game has been home-brewed for your pleasure, and it’s about making pasta.

If time is money, this latest Kickstarter project is worth yours: Lex Laser Saves the Galaxy, Again is built specficially for busy people.

If you’re really busy and drive heeps, you can now bring your Wii U with you on roadtrips. “Finally something entertaining in the car,” indeed.

Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker has weighed in on the guns-in-games issue, and he brings his typical blend of sense and incisive commentary.

The next Bit of Alright game design conference has been announced for May 10th; if you’re an indie developer in London, sign up today. Don’t forget your water-wings: This one’s on a boat.

Just hours remain to nab four brilliant titles from Brendon Chung (Blendo Games) for pennies! I mean dollars! The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is worth a week of grande mochas. Feed your eyeballs.

Hug a friend.