Pippin Barr parodies your favorite indie hit, Dragons are Doubled (Again), and Pill-Popping for points

Our favorite game designer-cum-standup comedian Pippin Barr is back with another absurd set of games called the Mumble Indie Bungle. He tells us they “are the games your grandmother buys you at a mall in Singapore, thinking they are the other (better) games.”

The New Yorker gets a brand-new tech blog and what do they do? Stick pins in the age-old belief that brain training games actually work. Well… yeah, they’re probably right.

If you’re on this website, you are likely aware of FTL. This is the game that inspired it. And this is the Kickstarter for that game’s potential sequel.   

Nekketsu K?ha Kunio-kun helped me vent my childhood frustrations, and so when my mommy purchased Daburu Doragon II: Za Ribenji, for the Mega Drive, I could not be more excited. Excuse me — you probably know them as Double Dragon and Double Dragon II. Anyway,  Dabu- I mean Double Dragon II has been remade and released for XBLA. Blow off some steam, friends.

In the parlance of the internet, this is “old news.” But I’ll be darned if you shouldn’t watch this Beetlejuice 25th Anniversary Minecraft extravaganza again, for the first or fortieth time.

The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge is throwing a Game Jam this summer! Improve your Natural Knowledge through Virtual Reality!

John Walker, of Rock Paper Shotgun, comes out swinging in this jawesome piece that uses the way women are treated in the gaming industry as a lens to view sexism as a whole.

Taking drugs has finally been gamified! It’s not what you think: Earn points by remembering to take your meds with this new app by Mango Health.

And Tom Hanks almost played Mario.