Cheat Sheet 4/9: GTA V’s launch, the Wii U’s price, and Epic revisiting PC gaming

And now we’re back! From PAX East! We just walked in to see you here with all this news just released!

– GTA V has been rumored to be launching this October.

– The Wii U is rumored to be launching at a 300 dollar price point.

– Epic games, makers of testosterone-fueld franchises like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament will be returning to their roots with a PC-only title.

– Gearbox decided to take advantage of PAX East to show off a new character class, the Mechromancer, which will be available as DLC in Borderlands 2.

Free DLC will be coming to the multiplayer world of Mass Effect next week.

And though now it’s come and gone, we know that someday, back we’ll go, because although it was crowded, it was still a real fun show!

PS: Remember how I said I wanted the Mondo guys to work on game box art? I saw this little gem at a booth at PAX East.