Cheat Sheet 5/27: The Simpsons join Facebook, Shinobi coming to the 3DS, Modern Warfare 3 stirs controversy

Here’s your daily dose of (mostly) mainstream videogame news. Minus the hassle.

-Sony is being coy about its next platform.

Terraria hits 200 000 sales in 9 days thanks to word-of-mouth.

Minecraft for Android will come to Xperia Play first.

-New download service “Little Indie” caters to indie gamers.

-EA to release a The Simpsons Facebook game this fall.

-Sony to revamp classic Shinobi for the 3DS.

-Upcoming Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be chock-full of DRM.

Modern Warfare 3 scene angers many affected by 7/7 London terrorist bombings.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Image via.

-Lana Polansky