Cheat Sheet 5/3: Iwata talks the future of Nintendo, the Halo-Gears crossover that almost was, and James Frey rides again

We know mainstream videogame news can be a lot. We did the heavy lifting. Here’s the haps:

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata orates on the emergence of tablets, social games, and the weaknesses of the Wii.

US Congress is questioning Sony about the PlayStation Network hack. Also, Sony Online Entertainment reports a breach.

-French developer Ubisoft births a studio to focus on film and TV adaptations of games.

Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski muses on the Halo crossover that almost happened.

-Glu Mobile partners with controversial A Million Little Pieces author James Frey.

-SyFy releases the first trailer for Red Faction: Origins.

-“We’re not trying to make interactive movies, we’re making video games that are cinematic,” says Rockstar’s Simon Ramsey at their Tribeca debut of LA Noire.

-343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor pontificates on a decade of Halo.

Was that so bad? We didn’t think so. Img via.