Cheat Sheet 5/4: Cheap Wii, HaloFest, Game Composer Melee

Mainstream videogame news is hard to keep pace with so we do the heavy lifting for you.  Here’s your cheat sheet:

Soccer videogames cause more aggression than first-person shooters do.

-Wii drops in price to $150 including Mario Kart Wii and steering wheel.

-Sony hires security consultants to track PlayStation Network hackers.

Dirt 3 trailer plugs along.

-Shigeru Miyamoto muses on his future at Nintendo and beyond.

-Burbank hosts a big game composer symposium with the musical talent from Uncharted, Dragon Age, BioShock, & more.

-Microsoft storms the PAX conference with HaloFest.

Metro 2033 is getting a sequel.

Infamous 2 character designer Cole McGrath chats about designing a superhero.

There you go. Consider yourself “informed.” Image via.