Stealthy kitty-cats, another console goes POP!, and Mr. Schafer answers all

If Solid Snake is your idea of the quintessential stealth operative, you haven’t heard of Operation Acoustic Kitty.

Spell Tower creator Zach Gage can’t answer this interviewer’s question, so he forwards it to his mom. Just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

CHALLENGER APPROACHING! GameStick, OUYA, and Nvidia Shield not enough new microconsoles for ya? Say hello to GamePop, another cube-shaped Android device that connects to your TV. The catch: Instead of downloading single games, you pay one monthly fee á la Netflix for unlimited play. Hypothetically, this is a good idea. But so was New Coke, so….

Need a quick fix while finishing off the work week? Give João Brant’s My Peculiar Car a try and hope for a saxophone-horn future.

Yesterday Double Fine founder Tim Schafer dropped in on Reddit for the ol’ Ask-Me-Anything. The results? A totally unconfirmed unoffical announcement that Brutal Legend 2 is coming! (One day, maybe.) (Also: Say hi to Tim at our conference this Saturday!)

Only three months left to catch David Bowie Is…, the exhibition of the Star Man’s costumes and cameleon skin at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. If you can’t make the trip, pop Omikron: Nomad Soul into your Dreamcast.

And finally, KS contributor Filipe Salgado, echoing William Faulkner, wrote a lovely ode to all games for Bit Creature. The take-home point? “Play. Just play.” We couldn’t agree more.

Love you, Mom!