Cheat Sheet 5/22: A Marvel MMO is coming, Lay-offs at BioWare Austin, and American Express partners with Zynga.

Another day without a Dreamcast 2 announcement. Console yourself with the day’s other news stories instead:

-EA laid off some BioWare Austin employees after Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers dropped from 1.7 million to 1.3 million.

-Google turns its Japanese site into a giant Moog simulator.

-Sony announces the free-to-play shooter Bullet Run for PC.

J.S. Joust gets an iOS imitator, controversy ensues.

Marvel Heroes, an MMO that plays like Diablo and stars superheroes, gets detailed.

-American Express partners with Zynga to give players FarmVille rewards.

Is Barack Obama forcing SEGA to hold back on the announcement until October, when it will have a more dramatic effect on the election? Tune in tomorrow for more speculation.