Cheat Sheet 6/29: Uncharted 3 beta features new game-type, Sony execs get promoted

Here’s another batch of easy mainstream videogame news!

-Naughty Dog reveals how Hardcore Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is going to be. 

-Design a shield for Dark Souls and you can win stuff, feel glorious. 

-Why Zynga games thrive off people who don’t play games

-Say hello to the major-league lobby group on the winning side of the California videogame ban debacle (and their 1.1 million smackeroos). 

-Pre-order Skyrim and get an exclusive map, pretend the lore is real. 

WoW patch 4.2 goes live today

-Sony bumps up senior executives Kaz Hirai and Andrew House after SCEI chairman Akira Sato retires. 

 -Lana Polansky