Deus Ex goes mobile, Mega Man’s robotic friend lends a hanky, and the Ouya gets weird

“Curiosity inspired by the promise of reward, if you ask me, is just motivated interest. An appeal to the lazy, greedy side of our nature.” Rich Stanton, in Eurogamer, about Peter Molyneux’s calculating efforts.

In one of the grandest confluences of high and low art this side of a Roger Corman movie, Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, best known for his work on Journey, has made available his original soundtrack for Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded.

The big show is almost here. For those of the female persuasion traveling to E3, Forbes has some (questionable?) fashion tips. E.g., “Your convention lanyards will act as your statement necklace.”

If you played League of Legends and thought, “this is fun, but it needs more Shrek,” China-only 300 Heroes is for you.

This call for communal writing about every major release in the Legend of Zelda franchise, from Dani Kelley, reminds us how affecting games can be, and beneficial to our lives outside the screen.

If Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is making you weep for joy (or sadness over Mega Man Legend 3‘s cancellation), Capcom of Japan has just the thing: A tissue box in the shape of robot-dog Rush.

First Halo: Spartan Assault, and now this. Deus Ex: The Fall is the latest sequel to a console game to land on mobile devices. Time will tell whether that subtitle is prognosticatory or not.

And finally, the OUYA game you never knew you wanted: Grapefruct’s Mrs. Dad vs. Körv. This strange little system intrigues more and more by the day. (Disclaimer: The developer journal below may give you nightmares.)

Sleep well!