Cheat Sheet 7/18: Meet Mass Effect 3’s new human, New screens, trailers abound, Videogame sales fall again

Collect some mainstream videogame news, without the hassle!

Check out these new screens for BloodRayne: Betrayal

-Get a look at the new Bastion trailer

-See the creative process behind the upcoming Tomb Raider title. 

-Videogame sales are on a down-spin for the second month in a row. 

-Enjoy this Twitpic of Mass Effect 3’s newest human. 

-Have some of your questions about BioShock Infinite answered

-ESRB rates Dead Island, lets loose on some game details. 

-See the new trailer for Drive: San Francisco. 

Ubisoft presents the “Uplay Passport” for $9.99. 

  –Lana Polansky