Cheat Sheet 7/20: Man City Football Club has partnered with EA, Serious Sam 3 devs want your graffiti art.

Refresh yourself with some more mainstream videogame news!

-Capcom has confirmed Mega Man Legends 3 is no more

-Manchester City Football Club is kicking the ball around with EA Sports. 

-Cliff Bleszinski explains why Marcus Fenix has daddy issues, among other things.

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka tries his hand at the development side of things. 

Serious Sam 3 devs Croteam are on the hunt for fan-submitted graffiti art

Flip through the pages of new John Shirley-penned book,  BioShock: Rapture. 

Rockets are crash landing all over Team Fortress 2. 

  –Lana Polansky