Female game designers at the museum, Doseone does chiptune, & League of Legends is officially a sport

Museum of Design Atlanta’s XYZ exhibit opened over the weekend. It features a sundry of arcade cabinets, improper retro board games, and kissing competitions, with the theme being female creators. If you’re near Hotlanta, it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Awesome news from the State Department. League of Legends is now officially recognized as a sport

Doseone, known famously for wiping the floor with Eminem in a freestyle contest, has released a chiptune mix on SoundCloud. To quote the comment section, so bleepin’ tight.

Part Zhuang Zedong, part Geometry Wars, Pingtime is not your local YMCA’s ping pong table.

If you think games have no strong female leads, meet Cate Archer, a tough spy (in go-go boots) from the forgotten No One Lives Forever. No relation to Archer of FX fame. 

While we’re on a retro tip, Eurogamer has the inside story on the cult hit Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

If you witnessed as many spastic Zero 120-hit combos as we did this weekend, you could definitely chill out to 20 minutes of modulated horizontal lines right about now.

Have a great week!