R.I.P. Fez 2, a total look at the New Aesthetic, & what’s your "game dose"?

Game developers generally view their customers as either “hardcore” or “casual”. I would like to urge developers to abandon this world view and replace it with a perception of gamers as “high dose”, “medium dose”, and “low dose”.

—your brain on video games, any questions? 

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be unveiled for their first public playing at the GameStop Expo 2013. Still plenty of time to apply for a managerial position at GameStop!

It might be the distribution of American tech companies is gradually moving away from the West Coast towards the Big Apple. But if Midtown/DUMBO is Silicon Valley, does that make Williamsburg the new Beverly Hills? We hope not! 

Idea Channel’s bearded take on the New Aesthetic is adorable, as always.

Pikmin 3 saw its release in Europe on Friday to rave reviews. Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

Freedom for Activision Blizzard is free from its French overlords! We guess Call Of Duty‘s liberty-loving American spirit finally seeped into the company. 

Finally, because the next best thing to playing Animal Crossing is reading about Animal Crossing, you should totally check out Jenn Frank’s take. 

Fez 2 was shot down in a blaze of social media bickering. R.I.P. GOMEZ.