Cheat Sheet 8/4: Blizzard on the upswing, Square Enix salvages True Crime, Playstation Vita may rival Wii U

Time to get zapped with some mainstream videogame news!

-Gearbox has announced Borderlands 2, shared game’s first details and clues.

-Activision has previewed its Marvel game lineup at Comic-Con 2011. 

-Blizzard sales on the rise, but does not plan to release a 2011 title. 

-Microsoft is preparing for a whole host of Kinect-compatible XBLA games. 

-Get the latest, goriest screens from BloodRayne: Betrayal. 

-How the PlayStation Vita may be a competitor for the Nintendo Wii U. 

-Square Enix has picked up True Crime game development where Activision left off

  –Lana Polansky