A League of Debit Card Legends, playing the news in Portugeuse, and they found Snowden! (In a game.)

German developer Binji has made Eddy’s Run, inspired by Edward Snowden’s global game of hide-and-seek with the American government. Thirty years ago this would have been a protest song recorded on acoustic steel-string guitars.

Libraries have found a way to attract kids to the stacks: Let ‘em play games.

A week to brainstorm, design and create an Interesting First-Person Shooter? That’s the goal of 7DFPS, the second annual game jam taking place this week with Notch, Brendan Chung (Atom Zombie Smasher), and Ed Key (Proteus) among the attendees. (Image above from Terry Cavanagh’s prototype last year.)

Brazilian youth magazine Superinteressante is using Newsgames, interactive stories that recreate real scenarios and ask you to take part, to bring world events to its readers’ attention.

“We are about loyalty, we are about contact and long-lasting engagement. This is an ideal fit from an audience perspective.”

Stefan Happ, General Manager for American Express’s mobile division, on partnering with Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, to release a pre-paid debit card emblazoned with the game’s characters, offering users in-game bonuses.