Grand Theft Auto cribs, the S.E.C. sacks EA, & the world’s oldest board game is found

For that special g in your life (or maybe that’s just in our life), Eminem’s new single is featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Stream it here.

Wondering what our old editor Ryan has been up to? Well, for one thing, making K.K. Slider and grime analogies, of course!

Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode includes hanging out. Internally, we’re referring to this mode as Cribs.

Archeologists have unearthed the world’s oldest board game pieces at Ba?ur Höyük in Siirt, Turkey. In several thousand years this will happen to Jason Rohrer’s board game.

New Yorker and bandana-wearing indie Zach Gage talks card games, board games, and Guts of Glory, his game about eating with impunity. 

Good news for Notre Dame and Ohio State fans. The S.E.C., the superior college football league, is cutting ties with Electronic Arts

The Creators Project looks at the future of foosball.

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