Temple Running with Usain Bolt, open-world mountain biking, & head-tracking comes to iPhone

In the most unexpected sports/videogame crossover since the Dikembe Mutombo Old Spice game, fastest-man-on-earth Usain Bolt is now in Temple Run 2. Seriously.

Google Glass it is not, but you can still bewilder old people on the bus by playing Droidscape—the first iOS game with head-tracking.

“Once you get into quantum mechanics, a single answer doesn’t necessarily… is the cat in the box or not? There is no answer to that question and that’s one of the things that’s interesting to me about writing it.”

Ken Levine on the ending to BioShock Infinite. Will remember that one the next time my editor has a question about my writing.

You couldn’t pay me to get on a mountain bike. And you couldn’t pay me to play MTBFreeride, the open-world mountain biking sim. Because it’s free.

In case you missed it, Filipe Salgado’s narrative treatise on the decline and fall of horse-racing in Toronto will amuse and amaze. 

Double Fine’s new iOS game Dropchord looks pretty special. I mean, how many games get their very own rave?

If literature with good design about videogames is something you’re into—and it is or you wouldn’t be here right?—Everyday Is Play is worth a look.

Find yourself thinking the physical needs more digital? Damien Gilley’s faux-3D spaces bring the world of polygons to your disillusioned face.

Have a great weekend!