Interact with fiction, demo scene intel, & living in constant fear of Missile Command

Above, Raymond Cindric’s upcoming run-and-jumper Selective Memory Erase Effect promises to be cybernetic, psychological, and to feature an adorable white kitty.

If you somehow missed Polygon’s feature on Missile Command, as we did, be sure to check it out. Turns out developing the game gave its creator night tremors about the bomb for years.

Feast your eyes on fresh cyberdelia from our Hungarian demo scene corespondent Istvan. Who knew an Android could do this? 

Pour one out for the instruction manual. They’re disappearing fast.

Random House is taking the leap into the world of intractive novels with Black Crown. Not exactly J.K. Rowling, but it will do. 

More noise on the interactive fiction tip. Gamasutra talks to the often enigmatic, always low-fi game author Porpentine

The followup to what may be the greatest interactive fiction game to grace the internet is out! Do yourself a big favor and play Christine Love’s Hate Plus.

If you’re not keeping up with the Boobjam, maybe you should. These people are making some powerful statements about sexed-up female bodies in games.

7 Grand Steps, the narrative board game, has seen a 25% discount. Go forth and seed your progeniture!

Have a good one!