Sims 4 gets emotional, Divekick dives and kicks, & The Last Guardian will get here, some day

Because joysticks only complicate things, get read to dive and kick and, er, dive and kick. Divekick is out, finally!

Never give up. Though long in absentia, The Last Guardian is still on its way, according to the Ico creator. 

As shown at Gamescom, Sims 4 has an emotion system. And black magic. We wonder which will be more realistic.

Can’t wait until this winter for sweet mortal suffering? If you keep up with Namco on Facebook, you can crack the Dark Souls 2 beta.

Hotline Miami 2, Samurai Gunn, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth are just a few of the worthy indie titles coming to PlayStation 4. Personally, we can’t wait to play Binding of Isaac with a controller.

We like Soundodger. And we love this 100% playthrough of Soundodger‘s final level!

According to the Kickstarter blog, it doesn’t negatively impact the little guy when “big name” artists like Spike Lee look to Kickstarter for funding. How do the myriad indie devs on Kickstarter feel about Project Phoenix reaching its goal in less than twenty-four hours?