Nintendo’s 2DS is a real thing, Hack ‘n Jill goes up the hill, and Steam Greenlight says go!

If you start playing a free-to-play game, Playnomics can tell whether you’ll still be at it a month later through their program called “Churn Predictor.” Has there ever been a more bluntly-named instrument of capitalism?

The worlds of videogames and sports are crashing together with more and more frequency. Here the New York Times discusses how tennis may be the next great bastion of artificial intelligence.

Hack ‘n Jill hopes for a more inclusive, balanced world of play. To add to the conversation, or just listen in, check out their upcoming events in New York City. No rhyming necessary.

WHAT STRANGE SORCERY IS THIS? Have a look at the Nintendo 2DS. Launching the same day as Pokemon X/Y this October. Nintendo, you cheeky bastards.

Nintendo also revealed a price drop for Wii U to $299, including a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD bundle with fancy Hyrulian curlicues emblazoned on the GamePad.

Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering are great and all. But real trading card enthusiasts know true fans peel the pictures off. 8-Bit Buddies wants to be your newest sticker obsession. Help Kickstart it today and fill up your Trapper Keeper tomorrow.

The best raw material for a flipbook animation of a Bird Worm you’ll see all day. This pixel art in progress by Australian developer Powerhoof is a mini lesson on subtlty and revision.

Steam’s Greenlight has been more of a yellow one for indies looking to get published. Valve wants to change that. Look for 100 new releases soon, including Nifflas’ evocative Knytt Underground.

Ta-ta for now!