Carmack chooses virtual reality, Easter Eggs come to novels, & don’t make games about Russia

John Carmack, the technical whiz behind monumental games like Doom and Quake, is now working full-time with Oculus Rift. This either means he believes virtual reality will be the next step for first-person shooters, or that he’s really, really into The Lawnmower Man. Take your pick.

Speaking of the Rift, NYU Game Center and Indiecade are throwing a game jam featuring everyone’s virtual reality headset. The coffer’s ten grand. Can’t wait to see the results!

What will become of the novel in this digital era? They probably aren’t going away. But they will get Easter Eggs.

We mentioned it yesterday, but MirrorMoon has entered beta. The trailer is artfully done and beguiling. 

James Silva has released the soundtrack to his upcoming Xbox game Charlie Murder on Bandcamp. It’s very Slayer. Read: awesome.

The blokes at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have a fine, informative interview with the writers of the much anticipated new Torment game. This point bears repeating: A new Torment game!

After inciting an angry mob of online petitioners, Company of Heroes 2 has been banned in Russia. Tear down these walls.