Vita changes colors, Phil Fish spins wax, & Molyneux muses religion

Sony’s Vita handheld is getting a sleek redesign in Japan. It can’t be long before these come stateside.

Also, Sony announced the PS Vita TV. As the name implies, it lets you play Vita games on your flatscreen, which sounds like a great idea.

Fez designer Phil Fish is DJing an after party at Fantastic Arcade. It’s called You Guys Like Tequila? You better believe it.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Suda 51 has style. The trailer for his upcoming game Lily Bergamo is further proof. 

The only thing I’ve said about clans is that to challenge Bryan, the god of gods, you have to form a religion. That religion is like a clan. You are forming a collection of people in the Godus world, and if your religion does well – and I haven’t defined what “well” means – then your religion can challenge Bryan.

Peter Molyneux talks about religion systems in Godus. It’s important to note that the Bryan in question is Brian Henderson, the player who won the oppertunity to be god in Godus by tapping on cubes in the iPhone “game” Curiosity. We can’t believe we just typed that.

Capcom’s next next generation title Deep Down looks spectacular. A bit derivative of Dark Souls, but spectacular.

As time passes you’re not quite the same person you were before even though you have continuity with them, so any long project ends up a kind of collaboration with your past self.

–Michael Brough, developer of the terse, smart rougelike 868-HACK.

‘Til next time!