Star Trek’s silver balls, a new games manifesto, and the most expensive tattoo ever

Read the sordid tale of copyright infringement over a UFC fighter’s tattooed body in a videogame. Christopher Escobedo sued THQ for using his art, inked on Carlos Condit’s body, without permission. Good thing Mike Tyson’s face wasn’t yet debauched when Punch-Out!! came out.

Things are getting messy over in OUYA-land. Founder Julie Uhrman responded to criticism over the platform’s “Free the Games” initiative, a campaign to match funds successfully allocated through Kickstarter, after observers questioned the motives of a few suspicious projects. The response has been… mixed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brand-new pinball machines are being made and manufactured today! The eyes glisten. Check out Stern’s latest, designed by Steve “The Master of Flow” Richie.

A playful system is a human system, a social system rife with contradictions and with possibility.

Noted games scholar Eric Zimmerman and professor Heather Chaplin think videogames will define the 21st century. Read his manifesto and her response over at Kotaku.

Tecmo Bowl is now available on your Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Join us in crossing fingers and toes for the superior Tecmo Super Bowl to show up soon, ’cause Warren Moon deserves to throw 90 yard bombs to Drew Hill.

If you prefer open water to green turf, check out the intriguing Sunless Sea, an exploratory adventure set in an underwater London. As if the city needed more moisture in the air.

Happy weekend!