Your new favorite cat-lady simulator, live-action surgery, and one Mighty mega man

PopCap says their free-to-play sequel Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been downloaded over 25 million times since its release earlier in the summer. That’s a lot of brain food.

Microsoft, BioWare and Mojang are pulling a LEGO: You will soon be able to play Minecraft in the Mass Effect universe.

Forget Surgeon Simulator. The real deal was broadcast via Google Glass for the first time in the United States by director of sports medicine at Ohio State University, Dr. Christopher Kaeding. Colleagues and medical students watched the live point-of-view feed while Dr. Kaeding operated on a softball player’s torn ACL.

It’s a cat Breeding sim.

It’s a cat Fighting sim.

It’s a cat Hoarding sim.

It’s a cat Pageant sim.

It’s a cat Racing sim.

This is how Team Meat, those sick twisted geniuses behind Super Meat Boy, describes Mew-Genics, their next project. So it’s TLC: The Game.

We like tangible goods, games and stories here at Kill Screen. So does Jerry Belich, who combined them all to create the Choosatron, an amazing little box that prints out interactive text adventures while you play. Every school needs one of these delightful things.

PAX Prime took place over the weekend in Seattle. During the Retrogame Roadshow panel, where attendees brought rare collectables to be assessed, Steve Lin showed up with the ultimate retro game: an unreleased NES puzzle game, Block-Out, its prototype salvaged from Goodwill. Play it today!

During another PAX panel discussion, Kenji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, revealed a brand-new concept for a game that, well, looks a lot like Mega Man. But hey, more Mega Man! (Sorry: Mighty No. 9.)

Bienvenue, September!