GTA 5 as Lolita, Sesame Street street games, & Neal Stephenson needs a bailout

Is Grand Theft Auto our generation’s Lolita? That’s the question posed by Simon Parkin, writing for Elements.

We love Sesame Street. (I actually have no attachment, but apparently that makes me a monster.) And Tiny Games and Margaret Robertson are awesome. So if you love the franchise, or have kids, Sesame Street Family Play on iPhone is a win-win. 

While on the topic of Muppets, one thing you might not realize about Jim Henson is that he was a shrewd businessman.

Superhot is indeed super hot, becoming Greenlit in just five days. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and play the browser version. It’s Borges meets Goldeneye.

This NYC developer is across the bridge in Queens, and their Kickstarter campaign needs you!  

Neal Stephenson’s kick-started sword-clanger Clang is still in the works, but has hit a financial snag. On the bright side, maybe you’ll have put a dent in Reamde by the time it arrives.

Yasumi Matsuno is a legend to all for creating Final Fantasy Tactics. He’s been in semi-retirement ever since the shit hit the fan with Final Fantasy 12, but now he’s making an iPhone game with a French board game designer. 

Our pal Richard Clark interviews Christine Love, maker of the best visual novels anywhere, and he asks her if she’s a Christian. Find out!

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