The authentic gangstas of GTA, Sony bets on virtual reality, & Daft Punk gets gamified

Rumor has is that Sony is developing its own virtual reality headset. We call the design U.S. Open chic. 

And elsewhere on the virtual reality front, according to this interview with the creator of that other virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift is headed somewhere you don’t expect: your cell phone.  

It seems the Xbox One will support eight player local co-op. Time to get a bigger couch!

If you haven’t been getting your daily value of mechs doing summersaults in zero-g, Galak-Z will scratch that itch. 

No way are we putting it on the front page, but we couldn’t resist linking to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky miraculously performed in Mario Paint

The Grand Theft Auto series does “street” like no other. And by that we mean they get their voice actors straight from the pen

Complete with phone booths, chrome Casios, an a neon sheen, the Hotline Miami movie is exactly how we remember the ‘80s.

Heavy Rain was about kids being kidnapped, and they said, ‘This is an issue, we want to change it’. Well, we could have kidnapped cats, it would be a different experience!

–David Cage tells why Heavy Rain didn’t appear on the Xbox 360. Also, you know where to look if your cats go missing.

He may be deported, but this Mexican kid can still hang out with his Berkeley friends via Minecraft. We know there’s a strained joke about border patrol and creepers in there. . . . . . nah, we’ve got nothing.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respawn!