An end of an era of Snake, the Schindler’s List of videogames, & fantasy football on Xbox One

Pour one out for Nokia, better known as the company that introduced the world to Snake. And they made cell phones or something.

Required reading. The Bogost sagaciously dissects Animal Crossing as “unresolved conflict between consumption and naturalism.”

Microsoft is rolling out a reward program for buying games and subscribing to Xbox Live. We’re anxiously awaiting the vortex that will form the day that gamification schemes themselves become gamified and turns in on itself.

But say what you will, the Xbox One looks kind of amazing as a football watching machine.

I think the problem was that people got in their minds that what we were trying to do was somehow evil or anti-customer. 

—says the spokesmen of big brother, ahem, Microsoft.

Luc Bernard is looking for funds to make the Schindler’s List of videogames. He’s calling it Imagination is the Only Escape.

At Polygon, Charlie Hall tries to track down the reclusive, possibly nonexistant founder of BitCoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Good luck!

Elements has the scoop on this talking program that teaches people how to interact with other people. Well, it looks better than Love Plus+.