The Beast and SKill face off, a robotic mixologist, and a wild intern appears!

No, Vivan Clark is not a lesser known Woody Allen film. It’s the sublime successor to Kill Screen fave Soda Drinker Pro!

Metanet announced they’ve started work on the third game in the N franchise, entitled N++. They chose N++ instead of N+2 after receiving a stern warning from literary magazine n+1, who reportedly called Metanet: “A bunch of style-biting busters.”

This weekend, NYC Game Center hosts its annual Spring Fighter Tournament. Fighting game aficionados test their skills for eight hours of sanctioned pummeling. Then Seth Killian grills e-Sports legend, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, about his clothing line. Yep, that’s a thing.

A Play in One Act — You: Watching this video of Distance Well this looks like a neat little racing ga…WAIT WHATTTTTTT fin. 

Because physics lectures suddenly become a hella lot more interesting when framed in the context of Portal. 

This incredibly sinister-looking pair of robotic arms is the bartender of the future. My advice: keep your mouth shut if your martini is dirty.

Baseball season is kicking into gear, and those stewards of the diamond at ESPN are… playing MLB: The Show. Here’s Jayson Stark showing off his self-styled player in Sony’s latest.

Another documentary attempt on Kickstarter to talk about why women don’t feel welcome playing games. This one’s called GTFO.

The line between App and Apple has blurred even more, as Apple has prohibited Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga # 12 from being released on the Comixology app because of “two postage-stamp sized images of gay sex.” Then the story turned blurrier as Comixology recanted and said it was their fault. False alarm or sign of things to come?

The race for gaming’s most outlandish piece of headgear is on. In this corner, BLINK, a pair of goggles that lets you play Pong by batting your eyes.

Don’t miss out on the second week of Humble Weekly Bundles. Your spoils? A bunch of fantastic games from Blendo for very cheap. 

For a long time, I harbored a huge grudge against Taylor Orender. In 3rd grade, in Mrs. Bacello’s class, he pulled me aside and told me something in confidence. He claimed that his father worked for Nintendo, and that any day now they would announce that somewhere hidden in the Pokemon universe lurked Mewthree. For years I waited, and for years my disappointment grew and festered until I couldn’t stomach entering the Pokeworld anymore. I hated you Taylor. I hated you for what you did to me. For everything you took away from me. But last week, the fog of animosity dissapated: Nintendo finally announced a new Pokemon, and word around the playground is that it’s name is Mewthree. Taylor, I’m sorry for everything. Find me on Maple Story; we have a lot of time to make up for. -Conor