Cheat Sheet: Skyrim patch breaks game, Secret Diablo III beta codes, Epic’s new game

Sorry we haven’t done one of these in a while, so let’s make for lost time. Here’s your quick and dirty guide to mainstream gaming news:

Skyrim patch 1.2 messes everything up, no one but Bethesda cares.

-Did you pick up your secret Diablo III code? 

Trine 2 trailer and game launch. PC/Mac available now, PS3/Xbox 360 Dec 20

-Cliff Bleszinski and Epic games announcing “radically different” IP at Spike VGAs

-Love achievements? Well now even the 3DS has them.

-Xbox dashboard gets its fall update, gets Kinect-ified.

GTA III coming soon to a phone near you.

-The 3DS just became your first 3D camera.

-Counter-Strike:GO closed beta launches.

-Adnan Agha