PlayStation 4’s problematic manufacturing, 4D printers are coming, & furloughed workers get free games

University kids are allegedly being forced to fabricate PlayStation 4 consoles, or face losing credit. Unsurprisingly, this is taking place at the rather notorious Foxconn assembly plant in Taiwan. 

3D printing is so yesterday. The US Army is funding the development of 4D printers, which is some serious science-fictional tech, with the aim of producing shapeshifting objects. Whoa!

Polygon ran a nice little feature the other day on Bennet Foddy, the electronic musician turned philosopher turned game academic at NYU. Oh yeah, he also makes amazingly broken games. (In a good way!)

Judging by this cryptic trailer, Simogo’s new game will feature a.) a woman named Anna, b.) a Polaroid of a bear, and c.) an area of the human brain labeled D1. Whatever it is, we’ll know for sure on October 17th. 

Tonight at 7, NYU Game Center is hosting a talk with a pioneer of the New Games movement. What’s the New Games movement, you say? In the ‘70s, it sought to replace competitive sports with cooperative ones. Guess it never took.

Furloughed government employees take heart., the digital distributing service, is giving away some free games to those affected by the shutdown. A nice gesture.