Cheat Sheet 1/23: Resident Evil 6’s co-op, Guild Wars 2 is launching within the year and Bioshock Infinite gets a new, old school mode

Let’s catch up on this weekend’s mainstream gaming shall we?

Resident Evil 6 has 6 player online co-op. Marketing genius.

– Super-hyped MMORPG Guild Wars 2 looks like it got a launch window and a beta arriving soon.

Bioshock Infinite will make a man out of you yet; the new, extra-difficult mode features permadeath and real consequences for your decisions.

– “Indie Game: The Movie”—the documentary on indie game creators  that won rave reviews at Sundance—is becoming an HBO TV show too.

– SOPA was protested in a big way on the 18th and has now lost the support of the Entertainment Software Association.

That’s all for now folks, check back in tomorrow.

-Adnan Agha