Check out these hand-drawn tributes to mysterious glitch Pokemon types

Glitch Pokemon have a special place in every Pokemon fanatic’s heart. Sure, they could eat your save, but the fact that you could fight alongside a scrambled error in the code such as ‘M or Missingno was so unreal and cool that it was worth the risk. 

That’s why illustrator Jordan Rosenberg and Iasmin Omar Ata are putting together a zine of artwork dedicated to those infamous, wondrous, glitchy sidekicks. The art that will be included, which you can see more of in this interview with the curators at The Creators Project, are truly inspired. If you want to get in on this (and who wouldn’t?), they are currently raising money the old-fashioned way, by sending you a free Japanese Pokemon trading card when you donate $3 or more on their blog

Via The Creators Project