Chicago Troupe Brings Burlesque to the Mushroom Kingdom

Five-year-olds in 1986 are now thirty. And with the recent revival of burlesque dancing sweeping through urban centers and college towns, it was only a matter of time until childhood memories overlapped with the more mature pursuits of adulthood. Last fall, the Gorilla Tango Theatre in Bucktown, a neighborhood of Chicago, ran a show called “Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque.” The show proved so popular, they’ve brought it back this summer.

Oh-a-no! Mario and Luigi have become so perpetually frustrated by their endless pursuit of the Princess that everything they see has started to look like a beautiful, sexy woman— even their most dangerous enemies! This sexy burlesque romp is a send-up of the famous Mario Bros. video games. Join us to discover whether the world’s most adventurous plumbers will finally rescue the Princess and consummate years of amorous toil…

The producers suggest bringing plenty of dollars (or “coins,” as they say) to tip the dancers. Just don’t expect them to jump on anyone’s, um, flagpole.

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