For the child who hates everything, consider this demonic giraffe toy

Earlier this year the Evilstick made the rounds: a small pink wand bought for a dollar in Dayton, Ohio, which contained a horrifying image of a demon-child slicing her wrist inside. (Snopes has since verified it, so it has to be true.) My favorite part of that story was the reaction of the store’s owner when the a concerned mother brought the Evilstick back; he was pretty much all, “I mean, it’s called an Evilstick, so you’re just a bad parent.” 

Into that fray of increasingly fell toys comes this video from Youtuber nuttyturnip, which features a six-inch tall mechanical giraffe toy unleashing the lost screams of a choir of the damned. Seriously, this shit sounds like a Prurient album.