Chinese labor camp accused of using prisoners to gold farm in World of Warcraft.

The Jixi labor camp in the Heilongjiang province in China uses the repetition of Communist propaganda, trench digging and other forms of manual labor to “rehabilitate” it’s prisoners. But Liu Dali, a 54-year-old man imprisoned for “illegally petitioning” the central government for corruption, spent much of his 3-year imprisonment forcibly gold farming on World of Warcraft with his fellow prisoners: 

“Prison bosses made more money forcing inmates to play games than they do forcing people to do manual labour,” Liu told the Guardian. “There were 300 prisoners forced to play games. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5,000-6,000rmb [£470-570] a day. We didn’t see any of the money. The computers were never turned off.”

Lana Polansky