Christian Marclay’s "The Clock" is returning to NYC.

In Carol Vogel’s NY Times article it was noted that Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” would be returning to New York. The post covers several exhibitions but here is the run down on “The Clock”:

The work, a 24-hour montage of clips from movies and television that depict particular minutes in the day, synchronized with the moment they are shown, has become one of those classics that people never tire of as they catch a snippet here or recognize a familiar scene there. “The Clock” will be shown free from mid-July to early August at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium, on Broadway between 62nd and 63rd Streets.

The work is on loan from the New York collectors Jill and Peter Kraus, who have promised it to the Museum of Modern Art. Mr. Kraus, the chairman of Lincoln Center’s art committee, said that about five million people a year stroll through the Lincoln Center campus. “Public art should play a more important role there,” he said.

If public art is to play an important role to the Lincoln Center campus, so too should videogames play a stronger role in public art. Beyond this, it would be interesting to see a videogame equivalent to “The Clock.” WarioWare fills this void to a certain degree. It splices up different games to create one unified experience in which time is an integral component.

In any case, if you are in NYC from July to August “The Clock” is definitely worth checking out. The long lines, from when it was shown last year at the Paula Cooper gallery should also not be an issue.

(Marclay uses the above image in “The Clock.” +1 for guessing where its originally from)

[via NYT] [image via Artinfo]