You had me at a 194-page book on Chrono Trigger

You say gamers don’t read. I say there aren’t nearly enough well-written books about videogames. OK, that’s a flawed argument. But it’s a half-decent introduction to Chrono Trigger, the book, a classy, white paperback that was released today and should prove to be an enlightening look at what is probably my favorite old-school JRPG. The game’s twisting plot lends itself to all sorts of introspection about time-travel. But apparently this story of a spiky-haired tramp lost in time goes deeper down the rabbit hole than that.

To give you a taste, here’s an excerpt:

The future of Chrono Trigger is a bleak industrial landscape of shattered cities and lawless ruins. Humans huddle in fear while monsters roam unchecked. Life has been distorted, stunted, and starved. This is the future we were warned about by the Orwells and Atwoods, the Huxleys and Zamyatins. But their futures, no matter how dystopian, were still full of people. People simply behaving as people always have—oppressing, dominating, lying, controlling, self-deceiving.

You can pick up your copy over at Boss Fight Books.