A city’s emotional tweets render vibrant 3D paintings

What mood does your city paint?

This color-seeping installation by Syver Lauritzen and Eirik Haugen Murvol from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design will give you a good idea. Using “sentiment analytics,” MONOLITT creates a “procedurally generated three-dimensional painting” which corresponds to the emotional tone of some tweets being broadcast in the area. So perhaps we may finally answer an age old question: is Philadelphia really always sunny? (No. No it is not.)

The video below demonstrates the installation’s functionality, as a tweet reading “Feeling goooooood :)” causes pink paint to ooze from the small white pillar. Conversely, an annoyed tweet causes a brooding blackness to pool from the structure’s center and outward.

Appearing to use an Atmel powered Arduino board, the electronic signals from the Twitter feed manifest in real time on the mini monolith. It’s a surreal experience, to watch our immaterial emotions and social media complaints bleed out in such vibrant colors. Who knew emotional tweets could be so beautiful?