Cloak is the antisocial app that helps you avoid people

Mobiles have been a boon for staying connected. Your phone can help you track down your friends, join a conversation with people you never met, and quickly find a stranger looking for a one-night stand. Or so I hear! But what if you want to avoid people at all costs, like an ex-husband, your money-borrowing kids, or your supervisor from the factory who does not need to know how high you are? 

Cloak by Brian Moore is the anti-social app that helps you stay far away from those you might otherwise unfortunately run into. The way it does this is by tapping into Foursquare and Instagram’s GPS for people in your contacts. If they draw to close to your whereabouts, the app gives you a warning to be on guard, displaying an icon at the last location they checked in on the map. It’s not flawless, as it only works with two social media services, but it’s a good idea and I’d love to see it expanded, because sometimes you just want to hide out.

You can find Cloak on the App Store for 99 cents.