Clusterf*ck is the card game to ménage à trois to

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Clusterfuck is a card game themed around sex. No actual sex is involved, although I’m guessing the rules could easily be adapted for swingers. The idea is to covertly organize a threesome between a trio of players without the other players catching on. If you suspect a threesome is going down and you’re not included, you can bust it.

This game has brilliance written all over it, not just because of the promiscuous themes, but because of the design behind it. It’s created by a dream team of insanely-creative game makers: Zach Gage (of SpellTower), Doug Wilson (of Johann Sebastian Joust), and the troupe responsible for the outrageous Cards Against Humanity.

But if you’re just in it for some heavy flirting, there’s plenty of that involved too. Some of the cards have utilitarian illustrations of sexual positions—what you’d expect to see on traffic signs if they were intended to instruct pedestrians to get it on, rather than getting them safely across the crosswalk. The rest of the cards hold kinky love letters, which you pass to those you intend to seduce. One card you may want to avoid: chlamydia. You can get it here. (The game, not chlamydia.)