ClusterTruck turns truck trailers into a chaotic highway

The world record for a jump by a semi truck is 166 feet, which is both too long to be jumping a truck and not very far at all once you start thinking about it. What if you’re into jumping and trucks and you want to go much, much farther.


Here, then, is ClusterTruck, which you should definitely not try saying three times in a row in the presence of small children. It is a driving game, though it’s not clear what you are driving. What is clear is that you’re driving on top of trucks, bounding from one to the next as they pass around obstacles and flip over. So ClusterTruck is a driving-ish game with jumping and trucks and what else could you possibly want?

The curious quirk of cross-the-road games—be it Frogger or Crossy Road—is that life is seldom better on the other side of the street. Sure, you want to get there, but only because the game is built around that premise. All the fun is on the road. ClusterTruck understand this; its objective is to stay on the road as long as possible. You’re are not at odds with the road or even perpendicular to it. You are prolonging your roadtrip, and why shouldn’t you? Your destination is surely mundane. There are no jumping trucks there. Pity.

ClusterTruck is scheduled for a 2016 release from Landfall Games.