NBC comedy Community ending its season with an 8-bit bang.

Community‘s latest season has been (I would argue) its best. As the show has been given more time to develop and spread out, it’s been able to really dissect television and what we love about it. Each episode has used and subverted television tropes to fantastic effect, commenting on genres and mediums along the way.

With the release of the second season’s Christmas episode, the show traipsed into stop-motion territory, moving past the realm of TV into the land of the television special. In another episode, the show decided to spoof and critique the musical episode/series. Now, they’re doing a video game episode.

As IGN has reported, Community‘s first episode tonight—the show will air all three of the season’s final episodes tonight—will be video game themed. If the show continues the trend of excellent episodes, this one will no doubt criticize the medium it’s working in along with reminding us why we all love it so much. And who knows, maybe a few of the viewers out there that don’t have much experience with video games will get a sense of why we love them so much.