Composer makes Metroid even more eerie with new synth soundtrack

In 1986, Metroid was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, Hirokazu Tanaka, Metroid’s composer, has been revered for helping create the game’s iconic, eerie atmosphere. To up Metroid’s creeping feeling of loneliness some 30 years later, composer Luminist is rerecording the game’s music using actual synthesizers.

“My initial interest behind doing this was thinking that if the technology were available back then to put hi-fi recordings into a videogame, they might have done it this way with Metroid,” Luminist said. “I’m just interested in bringing out more of the inherent alone-in-space factor that the original gave us with bleeps and bloops.”

So far, Luminist has uploaded five analog synth remakes from the Metroid soundtrack. He’s not messing with the original compositions at all, though, simply rerecording Tanaka’s original tunes to give it an “80s film score vibe.” And the rest of the soundtrack is on its way too; Luminist is aiming to release one track a week on YouTube until he’s finished the whole thing.

The latest track, Metroid’s “Item Room,” was released Sunday night. (Hear it below.)

After that, he’ll consider releasing the full album for download, should be get the licensing in order, of course. And then, after that, maybe Luminist will turn to writing his own music for videogames. “After gaining a bit more of a following,” he said, “I’ll release some of my original music and see what happens from there.”

Find Luminist’s music on YouTube.