Abstract strategy game Constructo is looking extremely pretty

Yeah, eurogames get the lion’s share of praise and adulation, but abstract strategy games need love too, especially when they’re as nice-looking as this one. Your goal in Constructo, currently in the home stretch of a 1500 euro Indiegogo campaign, is to build geometrical shapes from laser-cut tiles and then place towers on your territory. And it looks damn good when laid out across the kitchen table. 

True abstract games don’t scratch the itch in terms of play the way a good euro-style game or wargame does, but one of the appeals of abstract board games, like Hive and Blokus, is visual. While the verdict is still out on how compelling this one is to play—the video is in Spanish, the designer Santiago Eximeno lacks a proven track record, and the festival the game claims to have won is apparently so small that it doesn’t appear on Google—the minimal design is lovely. Just look at this thing.