This plane crash survivor easily bests Grand Theft Auto’s most epic selfies

We don’t know who this man is but he is our hero. We likewise don’t know where this legendary selfie was taken, other than at a crash site in the middle of an ocean somewhere recently. But we’re pretty sure he got the idea to snap a photo of himself with the wreckage of an airplane over his shoulder from Grand Theft Auto 5. 

One of the more fascinating aspects about GTA5 wasn’t GTA5 itself but the unexpected cultures that sprung up around it, including stock market crashers, the Los Santos Hiking Club, and millions upon millions of catastrophic selfies. But this selfie with a choppy sea and a crooked horizon and the tail of a downed plane in the background outdoes them all, clearly.

Peter Richardson @meetar has informed us that this man is Ferdinard Puentes off the shore of Lakaupapa, Molokai. Thanks Peter!