Crawl eyes an August 6th release date

Learning that Crawl is only a little bit more than a week away from hitting early access may not do much for you, initially. Understandable. It’s been a while since this local multiplayer game been on the radar.

To jog your memory, Crawl looks like some sort of variation of tag set in hell. One player is human and the others play murderous ghosts jostling to deliver the killing blow onto the mortal so that they may, in turn, become human. Ghosts can posses monsters and traps, constantly switching to get a leg up on the human player, yes, but on the other ghosts too. It looks great, down to the last pixel:

Lovely. Powerhoof, the developers of Crawl, do a fantastic job of juggling an air of Lovecraftian horror with the pure mechanical silliness of their game in their trailers. It’s hard to believe that’ll survive through to when you’re an hour deep into a game with three friends, dropping f-bombs left and right, but hey. We’ll have to see come August 6th when the game hits Steam.