Creator of Carnivàle launches new 16-camera angle short film, channels a game engine.


Daniel Knauf, who created the HBO series Carnivàle, has created a new storytelling system called Bxx that allows viewers to watch a story unfold over the course of 48 hours. This is an unwitting nod to how machinima makers work inside game engines, leveraging the same work across a wide variety of camera angles. His first short to use the technology is called Haunted. “We dare you to watch camera 4 alone in the dark,” one promo reads.

I’ve been reading Dave Kushner’s Jacked, the unauthorized biography of Rockstar, and there’s a wonderful scene where Sam uses Grand Theft Auto 3‘s “cinematic mode” which shifted the view while you were driving to a variety of different places “as if some brilliant invisible William Friedkin was directing.” Nice to see that perspective working it’s way back into film.